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Stannol receives Efficiency Award NRW 2023



Stannol has been honoured with the Efficiency Award NRW 2023 for its more sustainable greenconnect product line and its overall sustainable concept. The prize is awarded to small and medium-sized companies for particularly resource- and environmentally friendly products and services. Stannol received the special prize at the award ceremony on 6 December. The Efficiency Award NRW is presented by the Efficiency Agency NRW, the NRW Consumer Advice Centre and NRW Bank. The ceremony was held at the NRW Ministry of Environment in Düsseldorf by North Rhine-Westphalia's Environment Minister Oliver Krischer.


greenconnect – more sustainable and fairer

Under the name greenconnect, Stannol offers a complete product range of solder wires, solder bars, solder pastes and fluxes that focus on sustainability and fairness. The products in the greenconnect range are manufactured using fair or recycled raw materials or renewable raw materials. The greenconnect range was launched in 2019 and has been a role model in the industry ever since.


Transparency through blockchain

Tracking the supply chain through the use of blockchain technology is also part of Stannol's environmental strategy. We have been disclosing the supply chain of the tin we use since 2020. "This transparency enables our customers to verify that social and ecological standards are being complied with. In addition to the purchase of fair primary tin (Fairtin label), we rely significantly on the use of secondary tin, which is sourced from European recycling companies. With Fairtin, the CO2 footprint can be significantly reduced, making it a real ecological alternative to ordinary tin", emphasises Marco Dörr, Managing Director of Stannol.


Bio-ethanol instead of IPA

In the bio fluxes of the greenconnect series, the main ingredient isopropanol is also replaced by bio-ethanol, which is made from renewable raw materials such as food waste. Bio-ethanol can be produced completely without fossil fuels using a fermentation process. This contributes to a significantly better CO2 footprint.


High degree of innovation wins over Efficiency Award jury

Jury chairman Philipp Salm, Head of Promotion Consultancy Rhineland at NRW Bank, explained at the award ceremony that the increasing sales figures that Stannol has recorded in all product areas show that awareness and acceptance of resource-saving and sustainable solutions has increased within the industry. He emphasised that with its greenconnect product range, the company has raised awareness of these key areas and demonstrated that there is no difference in quality compared to conventional variants. He stressed that in view of the other in-house sustainability measures Stannol also won the special prize of the Efficiency Award NRW 2023 in the overall concept category.

(photo credits: Effizienz-Agentur NRW)

Stannol introduces the greenconnect product range

The film was made as part of the NRW Efficiency Award ceremony.
The video is only available in German.

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