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Soldering irons & guns

Soldering irons & guns

Soldering irons and soldering guns from Stannol

Stannol offers you various soldering irons and soldering guns for different applications. We rely on proven technologies and comprehensive service.

Electric soldering iron – 230 V

We offer you a mains-powered electric soldering iron series with different models from 15 to 200 watts. The different versions cover a wide range of applications – from use in the electronics sector to work in different industries where high power and temperatures are required.


Product Features

  • mechanically stable design for long service life
  • ergonomic handle for fatigue-free work
  • Long-life tips for long service life, even when using lead-free solders

Application Areas

Power type Application
15 W electronics, model making
30 W electronics, electrical engineering, model making
60 W electrical engineering, thin sheet metal constructions
80 W general workshop and repair work
100 W general workshop and repair work, Tiffany
150 W industry and workshop, sheet metal up to 0.5 mm
200 W industry and workshop, sheet metal up to 1 mm

Available Products

Power type Max. Temperature Heating time
15 W 370 °C 1.5 min
30 W 410 °C 1.5 min
60 W 460 °C 2 min
80 W 480 °C 2.5 min
100 W 500 °C 2.5 min
150 W 510 °C 3 min
200 W 530 °C 4 min

Electric soldering guns – 230 V

Stannol offers various models of mains-powered electric soldering guns. Due to the short heat-up time, the soldering guns are quickly ready for use, making them ideal for smaller soldering jobs.


Product Features

  • very short heating time, fast operational readiness
  • ergonomic pistol grip
  • integrated workpiece illumination
  • Type W90 with special design and optimised transformer for very good performance at low electrical power


Application Areas

  • model making
  • general workshop work
  • cutting of ropes
  • not recommended for soldering in the electronic field

Available Products

Type Power type Heating time Duty cycle
W90 60 W 5 s 20 % ED
EP75 75 W 5 s 20 % ED
EP100 100 W 6 s 20 % ED

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