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The sustainable product line from Stannol

Stannol offers a complete product range under the name greenconnect, which focuses on the aspect of sustainability.

In the past, only the criteria of quality, price and delivery time counted, especially when purchasing tin. However, due to the strong demand for raw materials, working and living conditions in the mining areas are largely inhumane. The environment also suffers greatly from the uncontrolled and sometimes illegal mining of raw materials.

With our greenconnect products, we enable our customers to take a step further towards sustainable and ecological manufacturing.

The five areas of greenconnect

  • solder bars (Fairtin)
  • solder wires (Fairtin)
  • solder pastes (metal powder made from 90 percent Fairtin) and
  • fluxes (at least 97 percent made from renewable raw materials or water-based)
  • change to recycled packaging materials for all products (reels made from 100 percent recyclate, packaging and filling materials made from recycled materials such as paper)

Fairtin – environmentally friendly, sustainable and fairly produced

The solder wires, solder pastes and solder bars from our greenconnect range all carry our Fairtin label. This means that primary tin from a guaranteed sustainable supply chain and from audited producers in emerging countries is used for these products. Alternatively, solders made from high-purity secondary raw materials sourced from European production are chosen. These materials are in no way inferior to solders made from primary tin in terms of quality, purity and processability.


For Fairtin products, solder is sourced from producers who

  • pay attention to the protection of the environment
  • respect international and national rights,
  • fulfill their social responsibility for employees and local people – for example, by ensuring fair wages and adequate occupational health and safety measures,
  • work against child labour, and
  • act transparently.

Fluxes – Bio-Ethanol instead of IPA

In our greenconnect bio-fluxes, the previous main ingredient isopropanol (IPA) is replaced by bio-ethanol. Bio-ethanol is made from renewable raw materials such as straw and can be produced completely without fossil fuels via a fermentation process. This results in a significantly better CO2 balance.

Water-Based Fluxes

In addition to our organic fluxes, we also offer environmentally friendly water-based fluxes. These are VOC-free and enable CO2 savings around 90 percent compared to alcohol-based fluxes. The non-flammable formulations are also easier to store and pose fewer health risks.

No requalification necessary

The high quality standard of our own products ensures that some greenconnect materials can be used in the respective manufacturing process without costly requalification.

As proof of the use of our sustainable Fairtin products, our customers receive a personalised, batch-related certificate on request.

Our main greenconnect products

Solder Wire – Kristall 600

Although mildly activated, Kristall 600 solder wire ensures fast and safe wetting on most surfaces. The contained flux is both halide- and resin-free and is based on a synthetic resin matrix. The high thermal stability makes the contained flux very suitable for use with all lead-free alloys.

Product Advantages

  • Fairtin solder
  • No-Clean, REL0 classification
  • transparent, clear residues
  • strongly reduced spitting
  • high thermal resistance
  • good wetting
  • reduced health risks, as resin-free

Application Areas

Kristall 600 solder wire can be used for both hand and machine soldering in the electrical engineering and electronics sectors. The flux residues are electrically safe and can remain on the solder joints. Kristall 600 is offered in the alloys Flowtin and SN100C. Both alloys are gentle on the soldering tips, which significantly increases their service life.



Solder Wires – Kristall 605 and 611

The Kristall 605 and Kristall 611 solder wires are halogen-activated flux solder wires that open the process window in many places. Greatly reduced flux spitting combined with good wetting behaviour on poorly solderable surfaces are the highlights of these innovative products.

Product Advantages

  • Fairtin solder
  • leave bright No-Clean residues
  • low spitting
  • very good wetting properties for fast soldering
  • chemically modified resin that reduces the health risks associated with the use of rosin-based fluxes
  • mild odour

Application Areas

Designed for manual rework as well as for automated soldering equipment, Kristall 605 and Kristall 611 allow to cover the different production needs in modern electronics manufacturing. The flux contained meets the requirements of J-STD-004C standards. Kristall 605 is classified as REL1, and Kristall 611 is classified as REM1.

Solder Paste – SP2200

SP2200 solder paste is designed for high-volume, lead-free SMD electronics manufacturing. It contains a highly active L0 No-Clean flux. With a special formula for excellent wetting, it meets the requirements for surfaces found in any high-volume production today. The small amounts of residue left after reflow are bright, transparent, electrically safe and do not require removal.

Product Advantages

  • solder powder made from Fairtin solder
  • very good press-on after long printer downtime
  • reflow under air or nitrogen possible
  • high open time of the printed circuit board

Application Areas

The solder paste SP2200 was developed for stencil printing. With the TSC405, TSC305 and TSC0307 alloy as solder powder in classes 3 and 4, the solder paste SP2200 can be used in all common open and closed printing systems.

Flux – EF350 Bio

The halogen-free activated No-Clean flux EF350 Bio guarantees excellent wettability on different surfaces (for example OSP, Ni/Au, HAL, chem. Sn and chem. Ag) with both lead-free and lead-containing solder alloys. Important for our customers: Extensive testing has proven that 1:1 flux replacement is possible without changing process parameters.

Product Advantages

  • 70 percent CO2 savings
  • No-Clean
  • universally applicable
  • solids content 3.5 percent
  • very good wetting properties

Application Areas

EF350 Bio is a flux with a wide working range and can be used universally. It can be used in wave soldering as well as in selective soldering. EF350 Bio is well suited for use in spray fluxers.

Flux – EF160 Bio PV and EF180 Bio PV

The fluxes EF160 Bio PV and EF180 Bio PV were specially developed for use in the photovoltaic module industry and, as No-Clean fluxes, meet all the requirements of the industry. Both fluxes are halogen- and resin-free and low in solids. The EF180 Bio PV has a slightly higher solids content in comparison and has a lightly stronger activation than the EF160 Bio PV. The innovative fluxes ensure very good solderability in module assembly processes for soldering by IR and convection.

Product Advantages

  • 70 percent CO2 savings
  • No-Clean
  • low residue – minimal equipment contamination, low maintenance
  • low solids content
  • excellent peel force resistivity
  • very good wettability

Application Areas

EF160 Bio PV and EF180 Bio PV offer a wide thermal process window, making them suitable for lead-free and leaded soldering processes. They exhibit high peel forces that keep solder joints stable over the long term. The fluxes can be applied by spray or dip processes. They are suitable for both automated spray and stringer applications and can also be used for hand soldering.

Water-Based Flux – WF130

WF130 is a halogen-free, low-solids, No-Clean flux classified as ORL0. It leaves low levels of electrically harmless residues and exhibits extremely low corrosion potential.

Product Advantages

  • 90 percent CO2 savings
  • No-Clean
  • suitable for lead-free soldering with all common alloys
  • application by spray fluxer
  • non-flammable formulation (VOC content < 1 percent)
  • good wettability and good penetration
  • easy storage and reduced health risks, since water-based

Application Areas

WF130 shows good wetting on oxidised copper as well as on all common conformal coatings (HAL, Ni/Au, chem. Sn and chem. Ag). It also ensures good filling of through-holes.

Water-Based Flux – WF300S

WF300S is a halogen-free, low-solids flux designed primarily for consumer electronics manufactured in regular or nitrogen atmospheres. WF300S has been specifically optimised to reduce solder beads between adjacent connections.

Product Advantages

  • 90 percent CO2 savings
  • No-Clean
  • extremely effective on poorly solderable surfaces, e.g. oxidized copper
  • optimised for the reduction of solder beads
  • non-flammable formulation (VOC content < 1 percent)
  • easy storage and reduced health risks, as water-based

Application Areas

WF300S was developed for use in spray fluxers. The flux has been formulated to work on oxidised copper as well as on all common conformal coatings such as HAL, OSP or Ni/Au.

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