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Solder Paste SP6000

Our new standard

Solder Paste SP6000

Our new standard

Solder paste SP6000 – our new standard

We are pleased to introduce our new solder paste SP6000 which, in addition to its excellent product properties, also sets new standards in terms of  its carbon footprint. SP6000 was specially developed for use with the alloys TSC305 (Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5) T4 and TSC105 (Sn98.5Ag1Cu0.5) T4.


Sustainability meets performance

When developing SP6000, we focused not only on its technical properties but also on its environmental compatibility.

The result: An impressive reduction of  CO2 emissions by more than 85 percent compared to common solder pastes for example through the use of recycled solder, sustainable packaging materials and climate-neutral transport. With SP6000, you are not only relying on performance, but also on sustainability.

What sustainability means to us

Discover how we aim to promote environmentally friendly solutions in soldering technology and make a positive impact on the world and our local community.

More about sustainability


SP6000 – part of our greenconnect family

Stannol offers a complete product range under the name greenconnect,
which focuses on sustainability and fairness.

More about our greenconnect products


SP6000 solder paste meets all criteria of the J-STD-005 and RoHS directives. Its wetting properties are ideally suited for lead-free PCBs and component coatings. The flux residues after the reflow process are transparent and non-corrosive.


Dispensable version

SP6000 is also available as a dispensable solder paste (SP6000D).

The advantages of SP6000 at a glance:

  • More than 85 percent CO2 reduction compared to conventional solder pastes
  • Very well suited for low silver applications (TSC105): versatile and powerful
  • Suitable for fine pitch applications: precise and reliable
  • Very good first prints after longer printer downtime: time and resource-saving
  • Reflow process possible under air or nitrogen: flexible and adaptable
  • Very good wetting: consistent results
  • J-STD-005 compliant: classified according to well-known standard
  • RoHS-compliant: of course in accordance with applicable legal regulations

Discover our new solder paste SP6000

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The sustainable solder paste SP6000

The new standard: Stannol presents the sustainable solder paste SP6000

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