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Solder Wire Trilence

The solder wire Trilence is a development for demanding tasks in the field of machine soldering, hand soldering and rework. Its greatly reduced spitting behaviour leads to a reduction in cleaning effort with improved soldering behaviour. Trilence 3500 achieves its optimised properties through a halogen-free, synthetic resin-based composition.

Trilence 3500
3,5 % Flux  /  Halogen-free  /  REL0

Solder Wire Trilence

Product Advantages

  • minimum flux spitting
  • very good wetting behaviour
  • clear and transparent residues
  • halogen-free activation



Trilence can be used in all areas of electrical engineering and electronics for hand and machine soldering. The extremely low spitting behaviour, the bright clear residues and the good dispersion distinguish it for the most demanding soldering tas


  • Sn96,5Ag3,0Cu0,5 FLOWTIN
  • Sn99,3Cu0,7 FLOWTIN

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