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Solder Wire Solid NSL

Solid wires are drawn to the exact diameter using special wire drawing units and therefore do not show any surface irregularities. This is particularly important when the solid wire is running in an automatic wire feeder. Our solid wire is manufactured on the same machines we use for our well-known flux-cored wires and pass through the same quality control. The solid wires Bi58Sn42 and Bi57Sn42Ag1 are produced as soft solders according or analogous to DIN EN ISO 9453 (alloy number 301). They have a melting range of only 137-139 °C and enable reworking and general manual soldering work at the lowest soldering temperatures.
Solder Wire Solid NSL

Product Advantages

  • precise diameter without surface irregularities
  • low melting point around 139 °C
  • for temperature-sensitive components
  • good wetting characteristics
  • fast flowing solder
  • lead-free – RoHS compliant


  • Bi57Sn42Ag1

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