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Solder Paste SP3000D

The Stannol SP3000D solder paste has been developed for use with the alloy TBS (Bi57Sn42Ag1). It contains a highly active type L No-Clean flux. With a special formula for excellent wetting, it meets the requirements of high volume production where components and PCBs often have less than optimal solderability. The wetting properties have been optimised for all known lead-free PCB and component coatings. The small amounts of residue after reflow are electrically safe and do not need to be removed.
Solder Paste SP3000D

Product Advantages

  • specially developed for use with lead-free alloys
  • reflow possible under air or nitrogen
  • very good wetting on most surfaces, also Ni and Pd
  • working temperature 20-32 °C
  • high wet bonding strength for use on high-speed mounting systems
  • good dispensing properties


The SP3000D solder paste has been developed for use with various dispensing devices – from time/pressure dispensers to pinch valve dispensers and jet dispensers.

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