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GEN3 – Gensonic

Ultrasonic unit for cleaning stencils and screens in electronics manufacturing

Solder pastes tend to settle in the corners of stencil apertures. This phenomenon occurs more frequently with lead-free solder pastes. The ultrasonic waves act directly on the contaminants, resulting in a convincing cleaning result. In addition, the process is gentle on the material compared to other manual cleaning methods and can also be used for very fine apertures. The Gensonic cleaning device can also be used without restriction for coated stencils.

    Product Features

    • easy to operate
    • cost-effective, very low follow-up costs
    • fast and reliable cleaning results
    • gentle to material, stencils do net get damaged
    • minimal use of solvents/cleaning agents
    • no disposal of solvents/cleaning agents
    • mobile: stencils are cleaned without time-consuming disassembly, in the installed condition in the printer
    • cleaning station for easy cleaning of stencils

    Application Areas

    • cleaning of stencils and screens
    • removes solder paste, flux and adhesive residues

    Available Versions

    Cleaning station for 19" stencils
    Cleaning station for 21" stencils


    PDF Instruction_manual_GEN3_System
    PDF Gensonic_Overview
    PDF Technical_data sheet
    PDF Cleaning_Center_V2_ger_lr
    PDF Gensonic_Adhesive_Cleaning
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