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Solder Wire WS2413

WS2413 is designed to provide good activity on brass and copper surfaces regardless of oxidation. The second important feature is the easy cleaning of the small amounts of flux residues. The flux is halide activated with good wetting properties on almost all metal surfaces. As a flux-filled solder wire, WS2413 leaves only small amounts of transparent to white residues that are easily soluble in water-based cleaning processes. As residues can be corrosive, we strongly recommend removing the residues.
Solder Wire WS2413

Product Advantages

  • good activity on brass and copper surfaces
  • good wetting properties on nearly all metal surfaces
  • low amounts of flux residues
  • residues are easily soluble in water
  • halide-activated


All known methods of heat transfer might be used, including soldering iron, induction, micro flame, flame, laser and more. We highly recommend removing the low amounts of flux residues in an appropriate cleaning process.


  • Sn99,3Cu0,7
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