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Solder Paste SP6000

The solder paste SP6000 is part of Stannol's more sustainable greenconnect product line. The special feature: With SP6000, more than 85 percent of CO2 emissions can be saved compared to conventional solder pastes mainly through the use of recycled solder.

The solder paste was developed for use with the alloy TSC305 (Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5) as well as for cost-saving use with low silver content with the alloy TSC105 (Sn98.5Ag1Cu0.5). With SP6000, a very good first print is possible even after a long period of printer downtime.

The flux, which is classified as REL0, also convinces with an uncompromising wetting quality on all known lead-free PCBs and component coatings in both air and nitrogen atmospheres.

Solder Paste SP6000

Product Advantages

  • solder powder made from recycled solder
  • more than 85 percent CO2 savings
  • suitable for use with low silver content (TSC105)
  • high contour stability, suitable for fine pitch up to 0.4 mm
  • very good first print results after longer printer downtime
  • reflow soldering process under air or nitrogen possible
  • low mid-chip balling on passive components due to anti-capillary effect
  • very good wetting on most surfaces
  • RoHS-compliant


Solder paste SP6000 was developed for stencil printing. With the TSC105 or TSC305 alloy as solder powder in particle size 3 (25 to 45 µm) and 4 (20 to 38 ?m), solder paste SP6000 can be used in all common open and closed printing systems.



Pre soldering: cleaner Flux-Ex Pre

After soldering: cleaner Flux-Ex Post

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