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Flux HW240

The semi-aqueous, halogen-free No-Clean flux HW240 consists of a solvent mixture of fully demineralised water and alcohol and thus meets the increasingly demanding environmental requirements. With the HW240, the proportion of volatile organic compounds (VOC) can be easily reduced if, for example, the existing solder system technology does not allow the use of a completely water-based flux. With the use of HW240, the emission of organic solvents can be reduced by approximately 50 % compared to purely alcohol-based fluxes – with the usual No-Clean suitability and very good solderability on most surfaces in electronics production.
Flux HW240

Product Advantages

  • perfect activity for most surfaces
  • good wetting of through holes
  • hardly any visible residues
  • high electrical safety
  • high SIR values
  • due to low amounts of residues, no problems regarding ICT


The flux HW240 has been developed primarily for application by spray fluxer. The preheating temperature for pre-drying in the wave soldering system may have to be increased slightly in order to dry the solvent mixture before contact with the wave. This also optimally prepares the activators contained and ensures sufficient preheating of the assemblies.

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