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Flux EF270F

The halogen-free activated No-Clean flux EF270F with its medium activity perfectly completes the EasyFlux series. Using especially matching activators, this flux achieves very good wetting on various surfaces. It can be used for soldering with lead-free and lead containing alloys. The version EF270 “F” is equipped with additives, to enable a safe and continuous foaming even on older foam fluxing units. This ensures a uniform flux film on the PCB and therefore an excellent soldering result.
Flux EF270F

Product Advantages

  • No-Clean
  • good wetting around and in through-holes
  • hardly any visible residues
  • high electrical safety of the residues
  • developed for the application with foam fluxing units
  • resin- and halide free formulation


The flux EF270F is an optimised version of EF270 for use in foam fluxers. It can also be applied in spray fluxers without any problems. The combination of solids ensures good wetting of various surfaces (e.g. OSP, Ni/Au, HAL). The flux EF270F can be used under all atmospheric conditions (partial nitrogen spraying, tunnel systems and without nitrogen).

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