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Contact Solder Paste

The contact solder paste is a paste-like preparation of activated rosin in mineral fats and serves as a flux for general soldering work. The contact solder paste is preferably used for soldering copper and copper alloys as well as nickel and nickel alloys and is also suitable for applications in electrical engineering. Cable tinning or the soldering of terminals and shielding plates are just a few examples of applications.

Soldering Grease

The soldering grease is an emulsion of soldering concentrates in mineral greases for general soldering work. The pasty flux is used for soldering tinplate, leaded sheet, copper and copper alloys as well as for many other solderable metals.

Mini Titration Set

The mini titration set is used for flux control when applying the flux by foam fluxer. It contains all the necessary components to determine the acid number and thus the necessary amount of thinner to restore the flux to its correct values. No chemical knowledge is required for use.

Brazing Powder R4

The brazing powder R4 is suitable for brazing copper and copper-nickel alloys, brass, new silver, steel, cast iron, gunmetal and galvanised sheet steel. The working temperature is 800 to 1,100 °C. The paste can be mixed with water and is only suitable for brazing.

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