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Stannol supports the foundation "Leuchtturm" in Velbert


Stannol received the Efficiency Award NRW 2023 on 6 December 2023. We have now donated the prize money to the regional "TaschenFüller" (pocket filler) project run by the Leuchtturm Foundation in Velbert. The project is committed to providing school supplies for children of families in need.

There is an increasing number of families in Velbert who are finding it difficult to provide their children with the school materials they need each year. The financial resources from the federal education and participation programme are often not sufficient. School supplies are expensive – the costs of writing materials alone can quickly reach 50 to 60 Euros for an initial set. A school bag as well as sports and swimming gear are even more expensive.

The aim of TaschenFüller is to provide disadvantaged children with the school equipment they need at the start of and during the school year. We are delighted that our donation is helping to improve educational opportunities for children in our region!

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