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Spring at last at the Stannol insect hotel in Schrobenhausen!


The first delicate flowers are breaking through the earth, and with them the bustling activity of the inhabitants of the insect hotel, which is located in the neighbourhood of our site in Schrobenhausen, is returning!

Last November, some hard-working colleagues volunteered to help build this insect hotel. The shell was erected by the building yard of the town of Schrobenhausen. The local branch of the Bund Naturschutz took responsibility for the interior design – the children's group "Eisvögel" (kingfishers) in particular is actively involved in equipping all the rooms with insect-friendly materials.

On a sunny morning, work was carried out with a lot of fun and commitment: Bamboo poles were carefully cut and sanded and numerous holes were drilled into logs and clay squares. "The Bund Naturschutzgruppe Schrobenhausen would like to thank all the busy helpers from Stannol for their work! It was a pleasant morning and we have made quite some progress. It's great that your company supports projects like this."

We are very happy about such a lovely thank you!

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