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Karl-Heinz Dörr retires


"Karl-Heinz Dörr" - many employees, customers and suppliers have repeatedly mentioned this name to us with great respect. You could hear right away that there was respect, sometimes even a bit of reverence.

For 50(!) years you have shaped the history of Stannol GmbH & Co. KG - a company that has existed for more than 140 years.

We think you can be proud of what you dared to do when you took over Stannol as a management buy-out from Henkel.
You can be proud of what this company has become - and of what you have achieved through your exemplary behaviour.
Your down-to-earth manner and your honesty will accompany Stannol for a long time to come.

We are certain that Stannol will be around for many decades to come - characterised by skilful and courageous entrepreneurship. Just as you have exemplified it.

We thank you for your impressive work and wish you all the best for your retirement!

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