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The new Flux-Ex cleaners from Stannol


Stannol is expanding its product portfolio with five highly efficient cleaners. The new Flux-Ex series includes broadband and speciality cleaners that are perfectly tailored to their respective areas of application – for example, for cleaning before soldering or for removing residues after soldering. All cleaners are delivered as a ready-to-use-mix.

The new cleaners

  • Flux-Ex Pre – efficient cleaning before soldering
  • Flux-Ex Post – optimum cleaning after soldering
  • Flux-Ex Post Power – extra powerful cleaning after soldering
  • Flux-Ex Glue – the specialist for removing adhesives and heat-conducting pastes
  • Flux-Ex Oven – the all-rounder for cleaning soldering systems

You can find more information about the new Flux-Ex series on our website in the Cleaners section – our application engineers will also be happy to support you!



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