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GEN3 – MUST System 3

Solderability test system for testing the solderability of components and PCBs

Poor solderability is one of the most common causes of defects in a soldering process. Therefore, it makes sense to check the solderability of components or PCBs in advance. With the help of the MUST System 3 wetting balance, solderability tests can be performed on almost all components and PCBs. The unique solder globule testing enables even the smallest SMT components to be tested reproducibly. The analytical measuring method provides meaningful results on the wetting behaviour, which are clearly superior to those of a simple optical test.

    Product Features

    • automatic test sequence and recording of measured values
    • component and test parameter management via integrated database
    • various fixtures for different components
    • solder modules for optimal test conditions
    • step-repeat function for components with multiple connections
    • video option for easy setup and recording of wetting processes

    Application Areas

    Solderability test on:

    • wired components
    • SMD components
    • connector pins
    • printed circuit boards
    • substrates

    Available Versions

    Item no. Designation
    750100 Solderability Test System MUST System 3


    PDF Instruction manual V2.01
    PDF MUST 3 Features
    PDF Must II Clips
    PDF Must 3 technical data sheet
    PDF Basics wetting test
    PDF NPL Solderability Report
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