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GEN3 – AutoSIR2+

Measuring device for monitoring the surface insulation resistance

The electrical safety and reliability of electronic assemblies play a major role for electronics manufacturers. With the AutoSIR2+, surface insulation resistance can be measured easily and with little personnel effort. The PC-based instruments handle all common test procedures, but custom test sequences can also be created. A high sampling rate makes it possible to track the occurrence of electromigration.

    Product Features

    • PC-supported
    • automatic recording of measured values with high measuring rate
    • test sequences already stored according to common standards
    • easy creation of own test sequences
    • extensive analysis of measured values
    • different test racks for standardised test boards

    Application Areas

    • verification of the electrical reliability based on the surface insulation resistance
    • verification of the compatibility of the various process chemicals (fluxes, conformal coatings)
    • test on standardised test circuit boards

    Available Versions

    Type Measuring Channels
    AutoSir2+ 64 64
    AutoSir2+ 128 128
    AutoSir2+ 256 256


    PDF AutoSIR_manual_V1.4
    PDF AutoSIR_Brochure
    MP4 AutoSIR2.mp4
    PDF AutoSIR2_Manual_V3.0.2
    PDF AutoSIR2_Presentation
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