Temperature profile measuring equipment for wave and reflow soldering processes.

Exactly defined temperature profiles are an indispensable requirement for faultless soldering results in a soldering process. Particularly in the course of the lead-free conversion, the adaptation of the temperature profiles presents a great challenge. With the newly developed 5-channel temperature profile­ measuring instrument from Stannol, you have the possibility to set up and monitor your soldering processes at low cost and reliably.


Product Characteristics

  • Precise temperature recording
  • Dynamic  memory management for long measuring times
  • With external protective wrapping for use in reflow and vapour phase soldering systems
  • Easy to use software with important analysis and documentation functions


Application Areas

 Temperature profile logging and documentation in soldering processes:

  • wave soldering
  • reflow soldering
  • vapour phase soldering
  • vacuum soldering

Available Versions

880450Thermologger 5000