Soft soldering of aluminium and aluminium alloys is not possible with conventional soldering wires. The newly developed STANNOL ALU1 solder wire solves this challenge with a flux specially optimized for soft soldering aluminium. The ALU1 takes the soldering of aluminium to the next generation.

ALU1 is a flux cored wire for soldering of pure aluminium and various aluminium alloys. The flux ALU1 does not contain any toxic substances. It is based on chemically modified resins and does not contain natural rosin. The flux has passed the SIR test according to J-STD 004 and is therefore classified as a no-clean flux.


These three bullet points characterise ALU1

  • Non-corrosive residues
  • no-clean
  • Very good wetting

The new ALU1 solder wire is available in the following variants.

  • Ecoloy TC (S-Sn99Cu1) 0,7 mm
  • Ecoloy TC (S-Sn99Cu1) 1,0 mm

  • Cable assembly
  • Production of winding motors
  • Heat sink construction

SEM image of the material-locking, single-phase connection between aluminium (left) and solder Sn99Cu1 (right) in cross section with additional depth section exposed by focused ion beam (FIB)

The optimal wetting behaviour of Alu1 is what makes it outstanding.The figure shows a dispersion according to DIN EN ISO 9455 for the determination of flux residues. Soldering was carried out on an aluminium surface of 99.5 % at a temperature of 300°C.

The product video illustrates the soldering behaviour of ALU1 on various surfaces. Soldering was carried out inductively in this experimental setup. The surfaces are AlSi1 and Alu 99.5 at a temperature of 250°C. The soldering process is carried out on a variety of surfaces.

You can download the data sheet for our new solder wire ALU1.

Technical Datasheet

Check out the quality of the newly developed ALU1 and request a free wire sample.

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