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The transparent supply chain


The transparent supply chain

We rely on a tamper-proof verification

Stannol is committed to publishing the supply chain of the tin it uses. With this transparency, we guarantee that social and environmental standards are met. To implement this project, Stannol is working with Minespider, a company that specialises in blockchain technology. With the help of digital certificates, this technology enables a complete and tamper-proof traceability of the tin back to its origin.

How does the blockchain work?

Behind the term blockchain is a technology such as that used by various cryptocurrencies: A decentralised structure for managing and verifying transactions secures it against subsequent manipulation. In a blockchain, the actors involved store information in data blocks that are linked to each other. The information stored in the blocks must also be verified by everyone. The data provided is thus traceable at all times, tamper-proof and therefore trustworthy.

Digital Certificates for every station in the supply chain

The Minespider blockchain software creates digital certificates along the supply chain that document the origin and supply route of the materials. With the help of QR codes on the products, the process to this point can then be viewed digitally.

The Minespider Protocol

To ensure that sensitive supply chain data is protected despite the open source approach, the software relies on a data structure consisting of three levels: At the first level, information is shared that anyone can view. These become visible when the DMC code is scanned. On the second level is the data that is to be shared along the entire subsequent supply chain. On the third level, confidential data can be communicated – this level is only visible to the sender and the recipient of a digital certificate.

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