The increasing social relevance of environmental aspects can be seen on almost all levels of life: Whether plastic bags in the supermarket, coffee cups at the gas station or the demonstrations of "Fridays for Future" - the environmental awareness of consumers has increased rapidly. And that is regardless of age, level of education and other social characteristics. This megatrend is not only reorienting values in global society, it is also changing entrepreneurial thinking and action, not least in the German electronics industry.

With FAIRTIN, Stannol was the first solder manufacturer to develop a series of fair solder bars and solder wires for industrial production. Manufacturers can use these to make their products socially and environmentally more sustainable








Until now there were only two important purchasing criteria for solder: QUALITY and PRICE. In many mining areas, there are disastrous working and living conditions due to the growing demand for raw materials. The environment also suffers greatly from the uncontrolled extraction of minerals. As early as 2014, in cooperation with Fairlötet e.V., we launched a solder wire on the market that is produced in emerging countries without exploiting people or destroying the environment. After the great success of this product, we went one step further in 2016 and launched the Fairtin project.




For FAIRTIN we exclusively use tin from suppliers who, firstly, protect the environment, secondly, fulfil their social responsibility for employees and people on site and, thirdly, act transparently – beyond the legal minimum. In this way, we enable our ­cus­tomers to go one step further towards sustainable and ecological production.

The fact that several large, well-known industrial companies are now purchasing products from us that bear the Fairtin label shows us that we can feel confirmed with our sustainable­ orientation.




The high quality demands placed on our own products ensure that all materials can be used in the manufacturing process without costly re-qualification, which enables our customers to provide transparent information about the soldering material used.

Currently, there is no tin production that is certified as fair. With FAIRTIN you buy the fairest industrially available tin and help to drive the future development forward.

As proof of their commitment, our customers receive a personalised, batch-related certificate.





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