The disposal of waste according as required by law is an issue for every company using lead-free solder materials, more so   in the case of lead containing materials.

According to existing law each waste producer is obliged to follow the statutory requirements as follows:

  1. Notify the collected waste material to the authorities in charge
  2. Establish a record book (so-called Nachweisbuch) in which all wastes for disposal are documented
  3. Present documents of waste disposal to relevant authorities
  4. Apply for a transport license for each transportation of dross, solder ash or spent solder

Stannol can manage the entire waste disposal process on your behalf as we have the authorisation from the district council.


We offer you the following possibilities of waste disposal or recycling:

  • Return of the materials for disposal; we issue a formal receipt; after material analysis and melting, you will receive a financial compensation, which will be calculated according to the current metal prices (LME–London Metal Exchange).
  • Return of materials for re-melting in customized alloy; calculation of cost for re-work minus incurred melting loss.

You can use either waste disposal or re-melting if you plan on reducing your stock, change solder baths or if you shut down a solder machine.

We provide an appropriate material container free of charge. Please consider that you always will have melting losses, which depend on various criteria. Therefore the melting losses can only be determined after re-melting and analysis. To receive the best tailormade solution for you, please feel free to contact us.

If you still have questions about the recycling of solder waste and would like a tailormade soluition, I will be happy to advise you.

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