The Worldwide 1st Green Product Line

Stannol is worldwide the first manufacturer in the field of soldering technology to offer a complete ecological friendly product range: greenconnect.

In the past there had been only two criteria to purchase tin: quality and price. Due to the strong demand for raw materials we can find inhumane working and living conditions in almost all mining areas. The environment suffers severely from the uncontrolled and partly illegal extraction of raw materials. As early as 2014, in cooperation with Fairlötet e.V., we launched a solder wire on the market that is produced in emerging countries without exploiting people or destroying the environment.



After the great success of this product, we went one step further in 2016 and launched the FAIRTIN project. For this project we exclusively use tin from suppliers who, firstly, protect the environment, secondly, fulfil their social responsibility for employees and people on site and, thirdly, act transparently – beyond the legal minimum. In this way, we enable our ­cus­tomers to go one step further towards sustainable and ecological production.
The fact that several large, well-known industrial companies are now purchasing products from us that bear the Fairtin label shows us that we can feel confirmed with our sustainable­ orientation.
In order to offer a comprehensive, sustainable product portfolio in the future, we are planning several products that will be presented for the first time at Productronica 2019 in Munich, the Worlds’ Leading trade fair for Electronics Development and Production.
This includes a flux in which the previous main component isopropanol (IPA) is replaced by bio-ethanol. Bio-ethanol consists of renewable raw materials such as straw and can be produced completely without fossil fuels via a fermentation process, which results in a significantly better CO₂ balance. Extensive tests have proven that a 1:1 exchange is possible without changing the process parameters.
With Stannol’s solder pastes, too, sustainable aspects are now in the foreground. A solder paste consists of 90% solder metal powder, which is largely made of tin.

As a result of its cooperation with a solder powder supplier, Stannol will also be able to offer a solder paste bearing the Fairtin label from November 2019.

the four areas of Greenconnect

The new green connect product range will then initially consist of the following four areas:

  • Solder wires (e.g. Kristall 600 and 611 FAIR)
  • Solder bars (Fairtin)
  • Solder pastes (metal powder made of Fairtin)
  • Fluxes (at least 97 % from renewable raw materials)

The high quality demands placed on our own products ensure that all materials can be used in the manufacturing process without costly re-qualification, which enables our customers to provide transparent information about the soldering material used.

As proof of the use of our sustainable products, you will receive a personalised, batch-related certificate.

“When it comes to the topic of plastic usage, we also asked ourselves: What can we do as company to minimize our ­impact? And the answer has been found a few weeks ago: It is planned to use 100 % recycled plastic spools for solder wires, in the medium term.”
(Marco Dörr, Managing Director of Stannol GmbH & Co. KG)

Solder Wire

Kristall 611 FAIR is a halogen-activated solder wire with a wide process window. Reduced flux spitting in combination with outstanding wetting properties on poorly solderable surfaces are the highlights of this new product.

Product advantages

  • The alloys are made of Fairtin
  • Very low spitting
  • Only lightly colored residues
  • Fast soldering
  • No-clean residues
  • Chemically modified resin that reduces the health risks
    associated with the use of rosin-based fluxes.
  • Mild odor

Application areas
Designed for manual rework and automated soldering, this product enables the different production needs in a modern electronics manufacturing to be met. The flux complies with J-STD-004B standards and is classified as a REM1 flux.

Solder Pastes

The SP2200 FAIR solder paste has been developed for high-volume, lead-free SMD electronics production. It contains a highly active L0 No-Clean flux. With a special formula for excellent wetting, it meets the wetting requirements for surfaces found in any series production today. The small amounts of residues after reflow are bright, transparent, electrically safe and do not need to be removed.

Product advantages

  • The solder powder is extracted from our Fairtin series (
  • Fairtin can only be supplied by metal powder producers
    who are particularly­ committed to sustainability.
  • Long open time of the printed PCB
  • Reflow under air or nitrogen possible

Application areas
Paste printing: The SP2200 FAIR solder paste was developed for stencil printing. With particle size 3 (25-45µm) and 4 (20-38µm) of alloys TSC405, TSC305 and TSC0307, the solder paste SP2200 FAIR can be used in all open and closed printing systems.


The halid-free activated No-Clean flux EF350 BIO guarantees excellent wetting on different surfaces (e.g. OSP, Ni/Au, HAL, chem. Sn and chem. Ag) both with lead-free and with lead-containing solder alloys. By using renewable raw materials, we can achieve a better ecological balance with consistently high quality.

Product advantages

  • 70 % CO2 saving per liter (compared to conventional fluxes)
  • Universally applicable
  • High solid content – fast wetting
  • No-clean
  • Electrically safe residues
  • Excellent wetting properties

Application areas
EF350 BIO is a flux with a very large range of applications. It can be used universally very well. EF350 BIO can be used well both for wave soldering as well as for selective soldering. EF350 BIO is well suited for use in spray fluxers; use in foam fluxers is also possible. Due to its very good activity, the EF350 BIO flux can also be used well for selective soldering.

Solder Bars

FAIRTIN alloys are only made of tin from manufacturers who pay particular attention to environmental protection, comply with national and international laws and fulfil their social responsibility when extracting ore and processing it.

Product advantages

  • the tin used in our alloys complies with valid current norms and quality standards, therefore Fairtin does not have to be re-qualified
  • you will receive a certificate as proof of your commitment and the use of our Fairtin products

Application areas
When switching from lead-free standard alloys to Fairtin alloys, all existing settings remain the same!


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