Measuring device for detecting and monitoring CAF (Conductive Anodic Filaments) formation within printed circuit boards.

Due to the ever-increasing demands of temperature, humidity and various voltages (up to 1250 volts in electromobility), CAF defects within printed circuit boards are a serious challenge in the development and design of printed circuit boards. Early detection of possible CAF formation during the development of printed circuit boards can minimize safety risks and reduce the cost of failures in service.
With AutoCAF2+, test structures can be easily tested for CAF formation with different voltages. Measurements up to 1250 volts can be performed, according to ISO PASS 19295:2016(E).

Product features

  • Measuring time: <10 seconds to acquire, measure and display all 256 channels
  • Fast data processing: The measurement per channel takes less than 15 milliseconds
  • Possible voltages: +1V to 1250V
  • Measuring range: 106Ω to 1014Ω
  • Measuring intervals: freely selectable from a minimum of 60 seconds
  • Shielded power measuring cables
  • Flexible: All existing IPC, IEC, JNC or user-specific test specifications can be used.
  • Future-proof design
  • Adaptive and flexible software use under Windows 10

Available Versions

Artikel-No.TypeMeasuring channels
xxxxxxAutoCAF2+ 6464
xxxxxxAutoCAF2+ 128128
xxxxxxAutoCAF2+ 256256