With this solder paste test system, it is possible to check solder pastes in accordance with international standards.

The checks can be performed quickly and easily using the software and the optical system. All tests are also documented accordingly.

The following standards are supported:

IEC 61189-5: 

  • Test 5X08 – Slump
  • Test 5X09 Solder Ball
  • Test 5X10 Tack Test
  • Test 5X11 Wetting


  • 2.4.35 Slump
  • 2.4.43 - Solder Ball
  • 2.4.44 – Tack
  • 2.4.45 - Wetting
  • 2.4.46 - Spread

Product Characteristics

  • Fast reproducible checking of solder pastes
  • Low-cost and very low secondary costs
  • Fast and reliable cleaning result
  • Non-abrasive; stencils are not damaged
  • Minimal use of solvents / cleaning agents
  • No disposal of solvents / cleaning agents
  • Mobile, can clean stencils in the installed state without time-consuming dismantling
  • Cleaning station for easy cleaning of the stencils

Application Areas 

Check of the characteristics of solder pastes in:

  • development
  • manufacture

use in electronics production

Available Versions

8xxxxxSPA 1000