Using our in-house laboratory, Stannol provides a comprehensive test & analysis service including evaluation and documentation. If you need an analysis or service not listed here, contact us and we will be pleased to make an individual quotation.

Would you like to subject your solder bath to a routine inspection? Do you have the feeling your solder bath is contaminated or the solder results have become worse? Stannol carries out solder bath analyses at no charge for our solder customers in parallel with the process. We charge a small fee to cover costs for non-customers who want to use our service. Our laboratory is equipped with a state of the art spark spectrometer which makes it possible to analyse your solder bath for composition and possible contamination. 

Contact us if this interests you. Our experienced team of application engineers is happy to help you define specific intervention limits. Further information on taking the solder bath sample, marking the sample and filling out the sample submission form can be found in the following PDF documents.

Sample analysis service
Sample information form
Providing data

We carry out solderability examinations for you on SMD and wired components, printed circuit boards and substrates in accordance with the common standards of IEC, IPC and J-STD. We use the MUST 2 and MUST 3 wetting balances from the company Gen3 for this. We can also document the wetting processes by video and the degree of wetting by photos.

Ionic contamination on printed circuit boards and assemblies is a major problem for the ceaseless advances in miniaturisation of the assemblies. We can examine your printed circuit boards and assemblies for ionic contamination using our Contaminometer CM11.

The assessment of the electrical reliability of assemblies with regard to the compatibility of the many different solder materials and paints used in a soldering process is becoming increasingly important. The surface insulation resistance measurement process is suitable for this which we can perform using an AUTO-SIR measuring instrument and our climatic chamber in accordance with the common standards. We are thus able to achieve measurement setups with up to 128 channels.