We would like to inform you that all materials contained in our products have been pre-registered by our suppliers in accordance with the requirements of the "REACH" Regulation. Therefore, we assume that all raw materials will also continue to be available and that we can also continue to supply our products according to the established formulation.

All products which you obtain from us, including the packaging, do not contain more than 0.1% by weight of any substances listed in the candidates list. Refer to the respective material safety data sheet for details.


The contact person for REACH issues is:

Andreas Raupach
Königslachener Weg 18
86529 Schrobenhausen
Phone: 08252 8999 -12
Fax:    08252 8999 -55
E-Mail: andreas.raupach(at)stannol.de


ROHS-Declaration fluxes