Mains-operated electric soldering iron series from 15 - 200 W.

Due to the different versions, a wide application­ range is covered, from use in the electronics area to work in workshops and industry where high temperatures and performance are required.

Product features

  • mechanically stable design for long service life
  • Ergonomic handle for fatigue-free work
  • Long life bits for long service life, also when using lead-free solders
  • VDE / GS tested (not 200W version)

Application Areas

15 WElectronics, model making
30 WElectronics, electrical engineering, model making
60 WElectrical engineering,  thin sheet metal designs
80 Wgeneral workshop & repair work
100 Wgeneral workshop & repair work, Tiffany
150 WIndustry & workshop, sheets up to 0.5 mm
200 WIndustry & workshop, sheets up to 1 mm

Available Products

Artikel-No.PowerMax. temperatureHeating-up time
75010015 W370°C1,5 min
75030030 W410°C1,5 min
75060060 W460°C2 min
75080080 W480°C2,5 min
751000100 W500°C2,5 min
751500150 W510°C3 min
752000200 W530°C4 min