Solder Wire ALU1

ALU1 is a flux cored solder wire for the soldering on pure aluminium and several aluminium alloys. The flux system ALU1 does not contain any toxic substances. It is based on chemically modified resins and contains no natural rosin. The flux system passed the SIR-tested according to J-STD 004B and is therefore classified as a No-Clean flux REL1.
Solder Wire ALU1

Product Advantages

  • Chemically modified resin, reducing the health risks of using rosin based fluxes.
  • Leaves just slightly coloured residues
  • Does not contain any toxic substances
  • Suitable for pure aluminium and several aluminium alloys
  • No-Clean residues


The solder wire ALU1 can be used for cable assembly, Manufacturing and assembly of winding motors,
Heat sink construction and assembly as well as Manufacturing of inductors.

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