SOLDER WIRE Kristall 505

The soldering wire Kristall 505 is based on a low-halogen activated "No-Clean" flux. It has been developed for high requirements for conventional soldering and for soldering SMDs in industrial production and for repair and resoldering.

The wire flux Kristall 505 is a low-halogen activated flux based on synthetic resins. it combines high activity and good flow characteristics in an outstanding way with small amounts of solid and electrically safe residues.

SOLDER WIRE Kristall 505

Product Advantages

  • Low halogenated activation
  • Transparent residues
  • Fast soldering; also on surfaces which are not optimal for soldering
  • High dispersion
  • Mild odour


This soldering wire can be used for manual and machine soldering in the area of electrical engineering and electronics and shows its strengths where the wettability is not always optimal and the work has to be done quickly.

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