The solder wire TRILENCE is a new development for automated, robotized and manual high tech soldering. Its very low flux spitting guaranties a minimum of equipment cleaning while increasing the soldering quality. The solder wire flux TRILENCE 3500 is based on a halide-free synthetic resin composition, which ensures his good wetting properties.

Trilence 3500
3,5 % Flux  /  Halogen-free  /  REL0


Product Advantages

  • Minimum flux spitting
  • Very good constant flow and wetting
  • Clear and transparent residues
  • Halogen-free activation


Thanks to its low tendency of spitting, transparent residues and high thermal capacity, the TRILENCE wire guarantees very clean solder joints. As there is nearly no spitting, your soldering equipment requires less maintenance and ensures therefore less shutdown periods. The Stannol TRILENCE solder wire is suitable for manual and automated soldering of electrical and electronic components. Any kind of automated soldering equipment can be used. Heat transfer can be done by using most kinds like laser, soldering iron, induction).

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