Solder wire ZV16

The Stannol ZV16 is a flux cored solder wire. The flux system ZV16 does not contain any halogens or halides (halide ZERO formulation). The flux is based on chemically modified resins and contains no natural rosin. It leaves easy to brush-off residues. As the activation is high, less flux is required, which results in very low amounts of residues.

Solder wire ZV16

Product Advantages

  • Low flux content of about 1.6% results in low amounts of residues after soldering
  • Chemically modified resin, reducing the health risks of using rosin based fluxes
  • Activated with organic acids
  • Does not contain any halogens or halides
  • Soft and easy brush-off residues
  • No-Clean


This soldering wire can be used in electrical engineering and electronics.

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