Solder wire Kristall 600

The Kristall 600 flux system has been designed for manual soldering and rework. Due to its optimised properties, the flux system is also suitable for automated soldering processes. The modern activator system of the flux ensures, despite the fact that it is low activated, a good, fast and safe wetting. This solder wire can be used on all clean metallic surfaces with low oxidation levels, which are used in today’s electronic manufacturing. It leaves minor amounts of clear, transparent and electrical safe residues.

The Kristall 600 contains a halide-zero and colophony-free flux combination, which is based on synthetic resins. This results in a REL0 classification according to J-STD-004.

Stannol Kristall 600 provides fast soldering on copper and brass surfaces as well as on pre-tinned surfaces. The good thermal stability of Stannol Kristall 600 makes this flux perfect for usage with all lead-free alloys. The resin and flux systems are designed to leave relatively low residues and to minimise residual activity.

To use all the advantages of the Stannol product range we provide the Kristall 600 in the alloys FLOWTIN and SN100C, which are produced exclusively with FAIRTIN.

Solder wire Kristall 600

Product Advantages

  • Low flux spitting
  • Good wetting properties
  • Transparent residues
  • Electrical safe residues
  • No-Clean, REL0 classification


The Kristall 600 can be used for manual and machine soldering in the area of electrical engineering and electronics.

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