Solder wire KS100

Solder wire KS100

Product Characteristics


The soldering wire KS100 has been developed for high requirements when soldering with lead-free alloys and contains a flux free of halogens and colophony with synthetic resins. The selected synthetic resins ensure fast wetting of the solder joint surface and thus short cycle times.

The high viscosity of the flux and low thermal degradation of the resins at high temperatures ensure low contamination of the soldering point and reduced workplace exposure to harmful vapours.

Product Advantages

  • Halogen-free activation
  • Solid residues
  • Fast and reliable soldering
  • Thermally stable
  • Few fumes
  • Few flux splashes


The KS100 soldering wire can be used for manual and machine soldering in the area of electrical engineering and electronics. The flux residues can remain at the soldering points.