Solder Paste SP318

The solder paste SP318 is suitable for lead-free SMD electronics manufacturing. It contains a highly active type ROL0 No-Clean flux. With a special composition for excellent wetting, it meets all requirements for good forming of solder joints. This No-Clean solder paste  particularly displays its strengths on surfaces which are difficult to solder. The low amounts of residues after the reflow are light, transparent, electrically safe and do not have to be removed. The residues are easily permeable in the ICT.
Solder Paste SP318

Product Advantages

  • Specially developed for use with lead-free alloys for precision stencil printing and dosing processes
  • Not sensitive to high humidity during processing in the printer
  • Large process window in air and nitrogen for print and reflow
  • Outstanding contour stability
  • Soft, transparent residues for easy in-circuit test methods

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