Lotpaste SP2500

Lotpaste SP2500

Product Characteristics


The lead free Stannol SP 2500 no-clean Solderpaste is designed to achieve extraordinary wetting characteristics in combination with a wide spreaded process window for perfect soldering results. Being optimized for lead free alloy compositions and fine pitch powder sizes (T4 and below) the Stannol SP 2500 is the choice for high production throughput. High Quality soldering results can be expected on a variety of different surface finishes with transparent residues. In comparison to various other solderpastes the SP 2500 tends to significant void reduction in particular with BGA and QFN components.
To achieve the full performance void reduction in number and size
in some cases the individual alignment of the recommended temperature profile is advised.
The SP 2500 solderpaste is available in TSC 305 alloy and powder size 4.

Product Advantages

  • REL0 classified No-Clean Solderpaste
  • Excellent stability of viscosity
  • High constant print behavior
  • Smallest amounts of clear residues
  • Perfect wetting with oxygen and nitrogen
  • Minimal appearance of Voids
  • Anti-capillary effects, in particular at QFP components
  • Optimised flux system to powdersizes less or equal type 4


The solder paste SP2500 has been developed for stencil printing. The paste can be used in all common open and closed printing systems. The paste is particularly suitable to decrease voiding. Because of the excellent wetting on common surfaces it is suitable for soldering in an air or nitrogen atmosphere