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Tin Solder Ecoloy T (Pure tin)

Ecoloy T (pure tin) is a metal with high purity (99.9 %) according to DIN EN 61119-1-3.
Tin Solder Ecoloy T (Pure tin)

Product Advantages

  • high resistance to environmental influences, protects against corrosion
  • dense oxide layer makes it resistant to many harmful substances and chemicals
  • non-toxic, tin and tinned parts can be used in the food industry and medical technology 


Ecoloy T is used for lead-free tinning of metallic surfaces: For dip tinning of wire, strips, electronic component surfaces, for tinning surfaces in food technology or medical technology, as anodes for electroplated tinning, for wave soldering machines, for example to correct the composition of wave solder baths as well as to reduce the content of process-related impurities, especially copper.

Available Delivery Forms

  • Formblock 7
  • Kilo bar
  • Triangular bar, casted

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