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Tin Solder Stannoloy

Stannoloy alloys are soft solders according to a Stannol specification with significantly lower impurities in comparison to alloys which are manufactured according to Sn60Pb40E or Sn63Pb37E (ISO 9453). Stannoloy alloys are manufactured from ultra pure metals. The non-metallic impurities are removed by an additional refining process.
Tin Solder Stannoloy

Product Advantages

  • better wetting characteristics even for solder bath temperatures which are slightly below the usual operating temperature – reduces the risk of damage to heat-sensitive components
  • particularly suitable for wave soldering of SMD-equipped PCBs, as here special emphasis is placed on very low viscosity, high assembly density, reduced solder application as well as lowest metal impurities and oxide content
  • achieves clean, well-formed solder joints, the number of soldering defects is minimised due to its excellent flow characteristics


Stannoloy alloys are preferably used in wave solder machines which are operated with protective gas.

Available Delivery Forms

  • Formblock 7
  • Kilo bar
  • Triangular bar, casted

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