Tin Solder FLOWTIN T (Pure tin)

FLOWTIN T (micro-alloyed pure tin) is a high purity alloy according to DIN EN 61190-1-3 which is also doped with cobalt, nickel and Ce (max. 400 ppm). FLOWTIN T, like pure tin, shows high resistance to environmental influences and protects against corrosion. The FLOWTIN T alloy is manufactured from pure tin and is compliant with ROHS and WEEE.
Tin Solder FLOWTIN T (Pure tin)

Product Advantages

  • Pure tin/copper alloy
  • Patent-free alloy - no licence fees
  • Eutectic alloy (defined melting point at 232 °C)
  • Good wetting characteristics
  • Lower cost than conventional solders containing silver as it does not contain any silver


FLOWTIN T is used to tin metallic surfaces without lead. For immersion tinning of wire, strips, electronic component surfaces For tinning of surfaces for the food industry or medical technology As anodes for galvanic tinning For wave soldering machines, for correcting the composition of wave solder baths, for reducing the content of impurities caused by the process, particularly copper

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