STRATOLOY alloys are soft solders according to a Stannol specification with significantly lower impurities in comparison with alloys which are manufactured according to S-Sn60Pb40E or S-Sn63Pb37E (ISO 9453:2006).  

STRATOLOY alloys are manufactured from ultra pure metals. Due to a special treatment, possible impurities (oxides, sulphides) as can still be present in other alloys are removed from the alloy.


Product Advantages

  • Reduced oxidation rate and  lower dross formation as compared with conventional alloys.
  • Better wetting characteristics even for solder bath temperatures which are somewhat below the usual operating temperature -> reduces the risk of damage to heat-sensitive components.
  • Significantly lower amount of oxide during melting and in continuous operation than for solders which have not been produced according to the STRATOLOY manufacturing process.


STRATOLOY alloys are used in wave, drag, dip soldering machines and in protective gas systems.

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