While eutectic or almost eutectic alloys, i.e. alloys with a defined melting point or a small melting range are desired in electronics, there are other application areas where a larger melting range or particularly high melting temperatures are desired.  The solder is plastic and not liquid within the melting range. This helps for soldering at vertical places or if the solder in the plastic phase should be formed or modelled.

Product Advantages

  • Defined melting ranges due to adapted alloy composition.
  • Large melting range from 183 °C to 245 °C possible
  • Solder with high melting range from around 300 °C for applications with high continuous operating temperatures of up to 200 °C


S-Sn60Pb40 / S-Sn50Pb40: general soldering tasks in the metal trade, model making    

S-PB60Sn40: building plumbing, soldering on copper and zinc gutters and pipes, soldering of refined zinc and alloyed zinc, dip tinning

S-Pb65Sn35: body construction for filling in dents and buckles, cooler/radiator construction, soldering of lead cable sheaths, refined zinc, alloyed zinc and stainless steel, cooler/radiator construction, handicrafts

S-Pb93Sn5Ag2: Special cooler construction, secondary solder for safety fuses, tinning of enamelled copper wires   

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