Tin Solder FLOWTIN+ TC

Tin Solder FLOWTIN+ TC

Product Characteristics


FLOWTIN+ TC (Sn99Cu1 and Sn99.3Cu0.7) is a lead-free, eutectic solder analogous to ISO 9453:2006 (alloy number 401) with micro-alloy components (<500 ppm) and deoxidation additives. The FLOWTIN+ TC alloy is a micro-alloyed solder based on the alloy Sn99Cu1. The new alloy has been further developed from FLOWTIN TC to minimise the dross formation on solder bath surfaces which occurs with normal, lead-free alloys during soldering in air. As soldering under inert gas (N2) is also never completely oxygen-free, the bath surface also remains clean here for longer.

Product Advantages

  • Fine-grained, smooth and shiny surface of the solder joint
  • Reduced dissolution of copper from conductor tracks and component connections
  • Increased service life of solder baths due to lower copper enrichment
  • Reduction of dross due to deoxidation additive
  • Avoidance of solder defects caused by oxides
  • Significantly reduced maintenance costs for the soldering machines
  • Optimal for bath temperatures of 260-270 °C


The use of FLOWTIN+ TC as wave solder requires a solder bath temperature of approx. 260 to 270 °C. The use of inert gas means a significant extension of the process window. The wetting of the solder is made easier and on exit from the wave, no excess solder remains attached to the components. The dross formation is also considerably minimised. FLOWTIN+ TC can also be used in selective soldering systems.