Tin Solder – ECOLOY TSC0307

Tin Solder – ECOLOY TSC0307

Product Characteristics


ECOLOY TSC0307 (Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7) is a low-silver, lead-free solder according to ISO 9453:2006 (alloy number 501) which can replace eutectic or almost eutectic tin/silver/copper alloys. With this alloy, up to 90% of the cost proportion of silver can be reduced with almost identical processing characteristics.

Product Advantages

  • Good wetting characteristics
  • Melting range of 217 to 226 °C
  • Improved dissolution behaviour in comparison with Sn99Cu1 alloys
  • Significantly lower cost than conventional solders containing silver due to a silver content of only 0.3%


The use of ECOLOY TSC0307 as wave solder requires a solder bath temperature of approx. 225-270 °C; this alloy can also be processed at higher temperatures for selective soldering. The use of inert gas means a significant extension of the process window. The wetting of the solder is made easier and on exit from the wave, no excess solder remains attached to the components.