Product Characteristics


Stannol Ecoloy TC300 (S-Sn97Cu3) is a lead-free solder according to DIN EN ISO 9453 (alloy no. 402) to eliminate the usage of conventional tin/lead alloys in the existing production processes of electronics assembly. Stannol Ecoloy TC300 assures that lead-free assemblies can be produced according to WEEE and RoHS when lead free PCBs and components are in use.

Product Advantages

  • Pure tin-copper alloy
  • Patent-free alloy - no royalties
  • Inexpensive - not containing silver
  • No problematic disposal of waste materials containing lead
  • Ideally suited for use at higher temperatures


The solder joints made with Ecoloy TC300 will be comparable in all aspects to solder joints made with Sn/Pb solders. This alloy is mainly used for tinning of wire strands.