Tin solder ECOLOY TC

Tin solder ECOLOY TC

Product Characteristics


ECOLOY TC (Sn99Cu1 and Sn99,3Cu0.7) is a lead-free, eutectic solder according to ISO 9453:2006 (alloy number 401) which can replace eutectic or almost eutectic tin/lead or tin/lead/silver alloys.

The ECOLOY TC alloy is manufactured from pure metals and has been developed to eliminate the use of tin/lead alloys in all existing production processes in electronics manufacturing and guarantees a lead-free soldering process.

Product Advantages

  • Pure tin/copper alloy
  • Patent-free alloy - no licence fees
  • Eutectic alloy (defined melting point at 227 °C)
  • Good wetting characteristics
  • Lower cost than conventional solders containing silver as it does not contain any silver


The use of ECOLOY TC as wave solder requires a solder bath temperature of approx. 260 to 280 °C. The use of inert gas means a significant extension of the process window. The wetting of the solder is made easier and on exit from the wave, no excess solder remains attached to the components. ECOLOY TC can also be used in selective soldering systems.