Tin Solder ECOLOY T (Pure tin)

Tin Solder ECOLOY T (Pure tin)

Product Characteristics


ECOLOY T (pure tin) is a metal with high purity (99.9%) according to DIN EN 61119-1-3.

Product Advantages

  • High resistance to environmental influences, protects against corrosion
  • The dense oxide layer makes it resistant to many harmful substances and chemicals
  • Not toxic, tin and tinned parts can be used in the food industry and medical technology 


ECOLOY T is used to tin metallic surfaces without lead. For immersion tinning of wire, strips, electronic component surfaces For tinning of surfaces for the food industry or medical technology As anodes for galvanic tinning For wave soldering machines, for correcting the composition of wave solder baths, for reducing the content of impurities caused by the process, particularly copper