The Solder Saver is a mechanical device to reduce dross, which occur in wave solder systems as an unavoidable side effect. The handling of this device is very simple and can be performed without any training. Merge the tip of the Solder Saver in the wave solder bath in a flat angle, so that the blades can reduce the dross. When the blades started rotating after actuating a press button, the sponge-like dross structure will be broken up and a part of the metal will be led to the soldering bath again.

According to our measurements you can reduce your solder consumption by 30 and 60%! This saved solder is pure money, as you do not have to buy it! The return on investment is very often reached in a few month

Product characteristics

• One device can be used for multiple wave and selective soldering systems
• No capacity bottlenecks
• User friendly handling
• Environmentally friendly because of material saving
• Quick Return-on-Investment
• Free of charge test settings are possible
• For lead-containing and lead-free solder baths
• Solid construction
• Low maintenance costs