As a GEN3 SYSTEMS distributor, Stannol  sells the following process control systems which, among other things, originate from the former SPCID division of the Multicore Solders Ltd. company. We provide complete after-sales service for these products including maintenance, calibration, repairs and spare parts 

Solderability test system
For checking the solderability on electronic components, connectors, contacts, circuit board surfaces and other solderable substrates. Analytical measurement method based on the solder bath and ball block measuring method.


Test unit for assemblies and circuit boards for conductive residues
Ionic contamination can initiate electrochemical processes which can result in reversible or even irreversible faults and failures of the assembly. Early checking of the assemblies for ionic contamination already in the development stage and in the manufacturing process certainly makes sense.


Surface insulation resistance measuring instrument
With the Auto-SIR, a measurement system is available for the user which can be used for reliably performing the measurement of the surface insulation resistance under defined climatic conditions. The PC-supported equipment also masters all existing test procedures.


Measuring device for detecting and monitoring CAF formation (Conductive Anodic Filaments) within printed circuit boards.


Ultrasound stencil cleaning unit
Due to the direct action of the ultrasound, an outstanding cleaning result is achieved which is even superior to large cleaning systems. In comparison with other manual cleaning methods, the process is also absolutely non-abrasive and can also be applied for the finest apertures.