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Flux WF203

The water-based, halogen-free, low-solids flux WF203 was developed to reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC). With a suitable soldering system setting for water-based fluxes, the amount of solids is sufficient to achieve good soldering results.
Flux WF203

Product Advantages

  • No-Clean – electrically safe residues
  • non-flammable formulation
  • substantially reduced number of solder beads
  • good wetting


The flux WF203 was developed for industrial electronics manufacturing for wave soldering under air and nitrogen. The flux shows good wetting on oxidised copper as well as on all common protective coatings (HAL, OSP, Ni/Au, chem. Sn and chem. Ag). Furthermore, the flux WF203 ensures a good filling of through-holes.

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